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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of family tree file is included?

All our family trees are vector-based PDF files meaning you can print to any size with all text/artwork remaining tack sharp!

Because all our files come vector-based, you can print your family tree onto any material, (e.g. ink, foil, vinyl). You can also print onto any medium (e.g. paper, canvas, stationary).

Can I print as many copies as I want?

Yes, you can print your family tree as many times as you want. You can even come back and insert new family names (personal use only).

What is the largest size I can print?

Once you save your file you will receive a vector-based PDF of your family tree.

If there was a printer big enough, you could print your family tree vector PDF the size of the Empire State Building, and it would still look tack sharp.

What if I am missing ancestors, family names or dates?

We understand your family research is is an ongoing endeavor, so we give you full access to your purchased family template so you can add and edit as you find missing ancestor details.

Our family trees still look great, even with gaps. Remember, each tree is unique to your growing family research.

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