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Olive Family Tree Customized Digital Family Tree Template MyGeneTree
Olive Family Tree Digital Family Tree Mall mygenetree
Olive Family Tree Customized Digital Family Tree Template MyGeneTree

Olivolja släktträd

Digital Family Tree Template

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5 Generation släktträd

  • 1x Egna släktträd (vektor PDF)
  • Obegränsad redigeringar
  • Vector graphics (vass på att skriva ut storlek)
  • Skriva ut med något material (färg, folie, vinyl)
  • Skriva ut på valfri material (papper, duk, stationära)

  • Anpassa, Ladda ner, Skriva ut!


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    • If I substitute my name for "our family", how many letters does that line allow?

      Hi Kimberley, you can have as many letters as you like... you can also change the font size and type.

    • I think I know the answer, but want confirmation. If I make a tree, and I want it to start with my kids, both of them, I just replace "Our Family" with both of their names? Then on up? Thanks!

      Hi Laura,👋 This tree has now been updated to include children.😊 We have included a maximum of 6 children, and you can delete if you want less or no children🍃

    • Is there a way to add children below to this template like the other styles?

      Hey Tami 👋, because the templates are saved in you account specific to you, we can add this function onto this particular template for your specific tree after purchase🍃

    • Is there a minimum of people that can go in the tree? My family is big. Grandmother alone had 16 kids.

      This is an ancestor family tree, it's not designed for showing siblings. This tree displays parents upwards to grandparents, great-grandparents and so on.

    • Hello, how many generations are you able to put on this template and which template holds the most

      This family tree is five generations but can cover six generations if you replace the text "our family tree" with your name, (this can achieved with our online family tree editor which you'll have access too once purchased).

    • Can you give me an example of the Olive Tree eg start with me, then my parents etc Thank you kelli

      Hey Kelli 👋, Your name would replace the text "Our Family Tree" and your parent's names would be the next names up either side of the tree trunk. Here's an example with this family tree.