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We are Courtney Sina Meredith and Janet Lilo from Aotearoa New Zealand and MyGeneTree ties together our greatest passions in life: family & art.

How We Got Started - Janet is from the far north and on a recent visit to see her family we took a different route and ended up driving through an ancient forest. Full of towering native trees many centuries old, the experience was humbling and connective - with every turn we were treated to majestic nature. It dawned on us just how much we wanted to pour our energies into a business with the integrity and heart of ancient trees, holding through time. This led us to MyGeneTree, a digital business that invites you to turn your ancestry into art, and the rest is history.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, they are biological, non-biological, adopted, step, found, ever-growing, and in many cases such as ours - rainbow. MyGeneTree is a special platform that exists to honour connections to ancestors, to your family and loved ones, to seek out knowledge of who you are, how you came to be, and who you hope to become. Family trees celebrate belonging, they enhance confidence, and encourage self expression.

MyGeneTree ensures you will have a beautiful contemporary heirloom that will be more than a conversation piece - it will hold through time with integrity and heart. Our trees come with a lifetime editing guarantee so that you can make changes as your family grows over time.  

We are confident that you have found as close to a digital realisation of that road trip me and Janet took up north to visit loved ones. The hand-crafted trees you will discover here are created from a true love of family. Enjoy the ride! 

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