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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of family tree file is included?

You can export as either .jpeg, .png, .svg, .tiff (for best quality).  Your family tree can be scaled to any size when exporting (we recommend exporting double the size you want to print for best results)

Can I print as many copies as I want?

Yes, you can print your family tree as many times as you want. You can even come back and insert new family names (personal use only).

What is the largest size I can print?

Your family tree can be scaled to any size when exporting (we recommend exporting double the size you want to print for best results)

What if I am missing ancestors, family names or dates?

We understand your family research is is an ongoing endeavor, so we give you full access to your purchased family template so you can add and edit as you find missing ancestor details.

Our family trees still look great, even with gaps. Remember, each tree is unique to your growing family research.

How many generations fit into a family tree?

Currently, our Family Tree Templates range from 4-6 generations. We are always looking to add more Family Tree templates with varying generations to our selection.

I can’t fit all my family into my tree… My grandmother alone had 16 kids!

Our family trees follow your direct ancestor lines, they do not follow the siblings from parents and grandparents.

Why don’t you have a tree that includes my grandparents siblings?

When you are wanting to include the siblings of ancestors on your family tree it becomes a lot more custom to the number of siblings in each generation.

Do you offer Custom Family Trees?

Currently we don’t offer custom family trees.

Can I edit the family tree multiple times eg. One with my older grandsons name in the middle and then another with my youngest grandsons name?

Yes, you can edit your purchased family tree unlimited times with different names (for personal use only… not for resale)

Do I enter the names on the tree myself?

Yes. Once you have purchased, you are given a link to edit your family tree on our editor.

What file format do you provide?

You can export your family tree from the editor in numerous formats (PDF, .jpeg, .png, .svg, .tiff)

Can I change the generations in the tree I purchase?

No. You can only edit the names on the templates, the artwork of the family tree is uneditable.

Why are some trees “limited” when this is a digital file?

To keep things interesting on our website, we offer “Limited Edition” Family Trees. This keeps things exciting and forever changing.

What does the tree look like if you don’t fill in all the names?

Gaps in your tree make it personal to you (remember you can come back and add them at a later date). However, If you really don’t like the gaps in your tree you can write something like “unknown” in this space.

Does the template come with placeholder text?

Your template comes with prewritten text as a guideline in place of where you write your family names.

How are the templates customizable? Can you change the font size?

You can customize your template by changing the font type, size, color and positioning.

Can I save multiple versions of the template?

No. You can only work on one purchased template at a time. Once you have finished and exported that version, you can then make another version but this will overwrite your existing tree. You can however work on multiple versions at the same time and have them all saved by purchasing another template.

Can I add and delete names?

Yes, you can duplicate an existing text box or delete any unwanted text boxes.

Is it possible to have more than one name & birth date in the middle of the Halo (Circle) Family Trees?

Yes, you can duplicate the text box to add another name/birth date. You will need to resize the text to fit

What are the actual dimensions of the chart?

For the purpose of different internet speeds and browser allowances, we keep the original dimensions pretty small. However, the actual dimensions of this chart can be whatever you want. You export as a PDF that is vector-based (it will retain its quality & sharpness). That means this file can be made any size you ask your printer to print A2, A3, A1 or as big as the Empire State Building all while remaining tac sharp!

What size do you recommend for printing?

We generally recommend printing your family tree on at least an A3. Some of the smaller 4 generation trees can be printed as small as an A4, however, the smaller you print the harder it will be to read your family names and dates.

What paper type do you recommend for printing?

For quality and long-lasting results, we recommend you print your family tree on "archival paper".

Can I edit/make changes to the template design?

No, only the text can be changed to your family names... The template artwork/design is not editable.

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