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& How my love for genealogy made me do it...

My love for genealogy started when I was eleven.

...The sun felt hot as grass crunched under my feet. Fifteen other children were all being lead towards a clearing, overlooking the bay. From here, we could see the glistening water and hear the soft lapping of waves against sand only a couple of hundred yards away.

"OK Everyone," pronounced the teacher, pointing up to a large stone obelisk weathered with age. "This monument represents the first wave of eight sail ships, some, your ancestors were on...these were the first settlers here."

...We were told of the six-month journey these brave people endured one-hundred and fifty-eight years ago and how they started building the city we knew today. Just the idea of these people living so long ago with real stories connected to me through past lives lived, and generations later, it was an exhilarating thought!

...After years of family research and months of sleep loss to the addiction, I noticed all my research was sitting online (e.g., My Ancestry and My Heritage). Files also consumed my computer and Dropbox folders...but I wanted something more!

I wanted to enjoy my family research, my genealogy history that I'd spent years building. Maybe in a more meaningful way that could be viewed and shared anytime without just been forgotten in some online cloud or on a dead hard drive ten years from now!

One evening during one of my "in the zone" research states, a headline from an online history article caught my eye; "Music, Books & Art - the three things that will outlive us all!"

...I created my first family tree print soon after and framed it proudly! It still hangs to this day in my living room. I'm still drawn-in every now and then to reread the names, reminding me of the stories behind each life connected to me.

Friends and family who've seen my original print have requested their own personalized versions. I've even gifted some as super-personal gifts, (which always produces amazing responses!)

MyGeneTree is my way of sharing the enjoyment that comes from turning family history into an art piece you're proud to display and share; Whether it's framed, on canvas, in a family-tree book, or even on tee-shirts for a reunion!

...However you display it, I'm excited to share the feeling of excitement and pride that comes from turning your family history into an art-piece which may go on to outlive us all!

Candice. xoxo